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Used Cranes Wanted

We’re looking for the following used cranes. If you have a crane to sell or interested in trading up, give Tom a call at (330) 670-0430 or click here to complete a short inquiry form:

Year: Used Model: Liebherr LR1300 330 ton Crawler Crane Tons: Boom: JIB:

Liebherr LR1300 330 ton Crawler Crane

Year: Any Model: Grove GMK5275 Tons: Boom: JIB:

Wanted Used Grove GMK5275 Crane

Year: Used Model: Grove TMS900E 90-Ton Truck Crane Tons: Boom: JIB:

Grove TMS900E

Year: Used Model: Manitex 30112S Boom Truck Tons: Boom: JIB: