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Grove GMK6400 All Terrain Crane For Sale

2013 Grove GMK6400, 450 Ton, 12x8x12 Carrier, Mercedes Engine, ZF Trans with hydraulic retarder, 197′ Boom, 259′ Luffing Jib, 3.3 Ft Heavy Duty Jib Adapter, Auxiliary Hoist, Mega Wing Attachment, 297,600 Lbs Cwt, 20.5×25 Tires, Tri-Axle Boom Dolly, Steel Outrigger Pads, Removable Outrigger Box, Outrigger Monitoring System, Diesel Heaters up/down, AC up/down, 7- Sheave 220 Ton Block, 3-Sheave 110 Ton Block, Down Haul Ball, Well maintained & certified, Full set of manuals

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